About Rosenbaum House

Providing a home away from home for adult patients and their families while receiving medical care at WVU Medicine’s Morgantown campus.

A Home Away From Home for Families that Need It.

Thousands of patients travel to Morgantown each year to obtain the specialized and extended medical care offered at WVU Medicine’s Morgantown Campus. In fact in 2016, the Family House provided lodging for 1,650 families from the United States and beyond, and since opening in 1999, has housed more than 16,000 families.
We believe that healing involves not only great medical care but also the love and support of family and loved ones. Rosenbaum Family House provides a place for adult patients and their families or caregivers to stay while receiving medical care at WVU Medicine. Our founding donor Hilda Rosenbaum’s vision for the house was to create a “home away from home” for families facing a medical crisis.

Family House offers programs designed to provide support to families facing a medical crisis. For many families facing a medical crisis, this is as important as having an affordable place to stay. Programs provided include laundry facilities, a day room, other services and meals. Our staff and volunteers provide dinner for our guests Monday – Friday and in 2015, we served more than 9,800 meals to families in need.

Rosenbaum Family House

At A Glance

We’re proud to be there for families, helping them in their time of need.

  •  = 1,000 Families

    15,500 Families

    Since our facility opened its doors in 1999, more than 15,000 families have stayed with us.

  • 6 Days

    The average length of stay in 2015 was 6 days.

  •  = 1,000 Meals

    9,800 Meals

    Approximately 9,800 meals were provided to guests in 2015.

Meals, support groups, and other activities make Rosenbaum Family House feel like a home away from home. The facility and its mission reflect the power of love, the strength of the human spirit, and the belief in family. The generosity and support of individuals, businesses, and numerous volunteer and community organizations is what makes it all possible.

Rosenbaum Family House is a member of the National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses (NHH). NHH is a caring association of more than 150 nonprofit organizations located throughout the United States that provide family-centered lodging and support services to families and their loved ones who are receiving medical treatment far from their home communities.

Founder’s Story

Family House was a dream turned into a reality for Morgantown businesswoman Hilda Rosenbaum. She learned first-hand the hardship of out-of-town hospital stays, which led to her vision of Family House.

More than 40 years ago, Hilda Rosenbaum and her husband lost their daughter, Nancy, at the age of 6 to cystic fibrosis. At that time, WVU Medicine did not exist, so the Rosenbaum’s traveled around the country in search of treatment for their daughter. They spent many nights sleeping on cots or in chairs in her hospital room.

Sadly, shortly after their daughter’s death, the Rosenbaum’s son, Richard, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. By then, WVU had built its first hospital and Richard was able to receive care close to home until his death at age 36.

Mrs. Rosenbaum vowed to make a difference for others facing similar medical crises, so she made a financial commitment to help build Family House and we are here today because of that commitment. Her legacy of helping others in need lives on through the Family House.

Board of Directors

Randy Williams
Board President
Danielle Fortney
Board President Elect
Alyson Marano Ward
Board Member
Kim Whipp
Board Member
Aly Goodwin Gregg
Board Member
Kristi Crutch
Board Member
Dawn Colombo
Board Member
Denver Allen
Board Member
Tara Curtis
Board Member
Bob Klein
Board Member
LeeAnn Cerimele
Chief Human Resources Officer
Albert Wright
CEO & COO WVU Hospitals, WVU Medicine
Debbie Rosenbaum Jones
Lifetime Board Member
Mary Martin
Honorary Member
Betty Puskar
Honorary Member
Hilda Rosenbaum
Founding Member in Memoriam