WVU Medicine Volunteers were honored at the Friends Annual Luncheon for their service hours. Family House was excited to have three of our volunteers be honored this year including Leslie Klishis for 2,000 hours, Beverly Martin for 2,500 hours, Judi Pollak for 500 hours.  Leslie Klishis was also chosen as the Volunteer of the Year! Congratulations to these ladies and all those honored. Thank you for your service to WVU Medicine and Rosenbaum Family House!

Leslie Klishis (3rd from right) receiving her Volunteer of the Year Award.

Pictured with Leslie are (from left to right): Teri Ford, Nancy Beckner, Pam Shriver, Leeann Cerimele, Albert Wright, and Whitney Hatcher of WVU Medicine.

Beverly Martin (2nd from right) receives her 2500 Service Hour Award. Beverly volunteers at Family House and has served on both the Friends and the Family House Board of Advisors.

Pictured with Beverly are Nancy Beckner, Leeann Cerimele, and Albert Wright of WVU Medicine.

Judi Pollak (2nd from right) receiving her award for 500 Service Hours to WVU Medicine. Judi volunteers in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Rosenbaum Family House.

Also pictured are: Left to right: Leeann Cerimele, Linda Channell, Kerry Webster, Aquilina Policicchio, Nancy Beckner, Lee Green, Judy Polak, and Albert Wright.